The Weekend

Mentoring and rite of passage events are effective at assisting young men in their transition into manhood.

Designed for young men ages 12-17

Back in 1990 a group of men were discussing the challenges facing young men and their transition into manhood.

The distractions and pitfalls that they are dealing with are many and varied.

Our culture does not formally acknowledge a transition into responsible adulthood.

Sports, scouts, cadets, etc. activities form a rich learning ground of social skills, problem solving, and growth experiences.

But more and more, the computer and social networks are enveloping our youth.

It is amazing the number of young men that have never camped and never spent time in the wilderness.

Young men thrive on challenge.

Key elements of The Young Men’s Adventure Weekend

Challenge. Mentorship. Acknowledgement.

We will provide the young men a weekend in the wilderness where they will clearly get that they are expected to conduct themselves with honour and integrity.

They will experience playing the game as men.

They will be safe.

They will have fun.

They will be challenged and have opportunities to find the leader inside themselves.

They will be well fed.

And they will be tired at the end of it.

It is essential to the success of each YMAW that we listen to the young men for what they are saying (and not saying) and that they are given space to speak their truth. By creating a safe and confidential environment we provide a space for young men to express their thoughts and feelings openly.

Qualified safety personnel will be on-site throughout the weekend.

The Outcome

The transformation and camaraderie the Young Men experience in this weekend is priceless. We receive phone calls and letter from our graduates and their families, expressing the effects this event has on their lives…that is why we give our time to create this weekend.



July 10

On Friday afternoon the young men will travel by bus to a wilderness site approx. 2 hours outside Vancouver, BC, then hike into a wilderness campsite.

Upon arrival the men at the site will separate the young men into teams of about 10. Each team will be assigned adult elders who will remain with that team all weekend and ensure their safety. The Elders support the success of the young men by encouraging them to work together as a team.

The first task of the Young Men is to build their own campsite. They are then fed dinner. That night the Young Men gather around a campfire to review activities and get to know each other.

At YMAW, there is flexibility in the program that allows any Young Man to talk about any issue in their lives in a safe atmosphere.


July 11

On Saturday the young men will go on a quest, a set of challenges that involve opportunities for Young Men to rise to challenges that include: teamwork, problem solving, leadership, competition, individual accountability, ingenuity, and integrity.

It will be an opportunity for each young man to discover his capabilities. During this quest the young men will begin a conversation that will allow them to see what may be in the way of putting these capabilities to use in their lives.

That night they will have an amazing feast and ceremony.


July 12

On Sunday morning the young men will participate in a sweat, bringing respect for local native culture and giving them the opportunity to complete the conversation begun during the quest. This will lead them to what we call future work where they will look at who they want to be in the world.

After a hearty breakfast we will acknowledge each young man for his contribution to the weekend. Then we will play a game of honour where the young men will have the opportunity to experience, perhaps for the first time, what it is like to play full-out against adult men.

We will snap a group photo, thoroughly clean the site, load the bus and have them home before dark.

Registrations for YMAW 2020 Are Open

July 10-12, 2020